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  Available Options:
  Metal Type:  14K Gold Bezel on Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Chain
  Length:  17" + 2" ext.
  $ 4780


Athena & Nike



Denomination:  Silver Tetradrachm


Date:  Circa 2nd-1st Century BC.



Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet / Nike advancing left, holding wreath; pomegranate in left field.




Athena was one of the most important goddesses in Greek mythology. She sprang full-grown and armored from the forehead of the god Zeus and was his favorite child. Athena  was the goddess of wisdom and war. The primarily goddess of the Greek cities, industry, arts and crafts of women. Her gifts to man were the olive tree to Athens, the plow and the flute. The arts of taming animals, building ships, and making shoes are included in her attributes. She was often associated with birds, specifically the owl.  The owl is symbolizing wisdom and above, to the left, is an olive sprig symbolizing her agricultural duties. Just behind the owl's back is a small crescent moon, supporting the idea that she may have originated as a lunar goddess.  In many ancient cultures carrying a piece of an owl as a charm was thought to provide special protection from evil spirits and health problems. Other ancient cultures believed that energy, wisdom, and bravery might be imparted to the carrier of owl charms.


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