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  Metal Type:  18K Gold and Sterling Silver
  Length:  5,6,7,8,9 In
  $ 1862


Denomination:    Two Real                        Date:  CIRCA 1598-1621 AD 


Description:  Obverse: Greek Cross with lions of Leon and the castles of Castile in quadrants. Reverse: Hapsburg shield coat of arms of Philip III


History:  Filipe III inherited the Spanish throne in 1598 from his father King Filipe II. Pious and respectful, Filipe III was carefully educated to be wary of the
corruption of the court intrigue after his elder brother, Don Carlos, died from insanity. His father believed that Carlos was driven mad by the influence of the
warring factions at the Spanish court.

            Generally well liked by his contemporaries the young Filipe III 'dynamic, good-natured and earnest,' suitably pious, having a 'lively body and a peaceful
disposition.' After his father's death he married his cousin, Margaret of Austria, sister to the future Ferdinand II of the Holy Roman Empire. They had an
'affectionate, close relationship', and she had a great deal of influence over King Filipe III. Another highly influential character in Filipe's life was his dear friend,
Duke of Lerma. The Duke was highly corrupt and Filipe's reliance on his advice warred with the opinions of Queen Margaret.

            His reign was during the height in power of Spain, and he was also the king of Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia and Duke of Milan. To match his power
and display the wealth he commanded, his coins were neatly minted and well rounded. This specific coin is called a Cob Coin, and the design was used by the New
World mints of Potosi, La Plata, Lima, Bogota, and Cartagena.

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