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Greek Bronze Coin, Dionysus, Sterling Silver Bracelet, Genuine Ancient Coin, with Certificate 6533

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This sterling silver bracelet is set with a genuine ancient Greek coin of Dionysus fro 2nd Century BCE.

Advantages: This bracelet is a completely unisex piece. The bracelet could appeal to anyone from a student to a history buff, to people that love antiques, to anyone who appreciates beauty and historic events. This bracelet makes for a great conversation piece as well as a meaningful gift.

HISTORY: Maroneia, Thrace AE25. After 148 BC. Head of Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy / Dionysus, wearing short chiton, standing left, holding bunch of grapes and two spears, monogram at lower left. Info Dionysus: Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature, and the patron god of the Greek stage. Greek legends of Dionysus vary widely as to how, where and why he was born. But all agree that he was the son of Zeus, and was eventually born from a mortal woman called Semele. In addition to the attributes typically associated with him, Dionysus represented the outstanding features of mystery religions; ecstasy, personal deliverance from the daily world through personal or spiritual intoxication, and initiation into secret rites. About the city of Maroneia: Maroneia was the largest and most important of all ancient Greek colonies of Western Thrace. The city owed its prosperity to the extensive and rich territory and also to the port which favored the development of intense commercial activity. Furthermore, Romans had granted many privileges to the city, such as the proclamation its freedom and the increase of its territory, where a dense network of rural settlements was developed. In legend, it was said to have been founded by Maron, a son of Dionysus. According to Pseudo-Scymnus it was founded by Chios in the first half of the 6th century BC. According to Pliny, its ancient name was Ortagures. It was located on the hill of Aghios Gheorgis, and archaeological findings date it as a much older and as a pure Thracian city.

  • The jewelry made in the US.
  • The piece comes with Certificate of Authenticity of the Coin.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed.

Jewelry Maintenance:

  1.  Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea.
  2. To clean use a silver cloth on the silver and rising parts of the coin. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!
  3.  Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.