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Commodus, Roman Coin Ring, Genuine Ancient Coin, Sterling Silver, with Certificate

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Denomination:  Denarius Date:  180 – 192 A.D.


 Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus, son of the noble Marcus Aurelius, was born on August 31, 161 ce, in Lanuvium, Latium (now Lanuvio, Italy, Roman emperor from 177 to 192 (sole emperor after 180). 

In 177 Lucius was made co-ruler and heir to his father, the emperor Marcus Aurelius (reigned 161–180). Lucius joined Marcus in his campaign against invading German tribes along the Danube, but after the death of Marcus (March 180) he quickly came to terms with the Germans.

He gave Rome a new name, Colonia Commodiana (Colony of Commodus), and imagined that he was the god Hercules, entering the arena to fight as a gladiator or to kill lions with bow and arrow. On December 31, 192, his advisers had him strangled by a champion wrestler, following his announcement the day before that he would assume the consulship, dressed as a gladiator.

  • The jewelry made in the US.
  • The piece comes with Certificate of Authenticity of the Coin.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed.

Jewelry Maintenance:

  1.  Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea.
  2. To clean use a silver cloth on the silver and rising parts of the coin. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!
  3.  Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.