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14K Gold Pendant, Roman Republic, Certificate ID12471

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Chain is Gold-filled.

Denomination: Silver Roman Denarius

Date: 85 BC

Description: L. Julus Bursio

Young male deity with combing attributes of Apollo, Mercury, and Neptune with the laurel wreath and flowing locks, Mercury with the wings on the head and Neptune with the trident over his shoulder. Control mark of star behind.

Reverse: Victory driving a chariot, holding wreath in the outstretched right hand. L IVLI BVRSIO in exergue.

Jewelry Maintenance:
1. Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea.
2. To clean use a silver cloth on gold. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!
3. Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.

The jewelry made in the US.
The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity of the Coin.
Workmanship is guaranteed.
RETURNS: 2 weeks no questions asked. Time counts from the time you receive the item to the time you ship it back.