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Hadrian Bronze Coin, Silver Pendant, Genuine Ancient Coin, with Certificate 8005

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This simple Sterling Silver pendant is set with an authentic roman bronze coin from the times of Hadrian. Pendant is sold without a chain, please navigate to our "Chains" section to see our selections if interested.

 Denomination: Sestertius

 Date: 117 - 138 AD

 Description: This pendant is completely unisex and could appeal to anyone from a student to a history buff, to people that love antiques, to anyone who appreciates beauty and historic events. This necklace makes for a great conversation piece as well as meaningful gift.

History: Hadrian: The Patron of the Arts Hadrian was born January 24, 76. The exact place of his birth is still in dispute, although it has been narrowed down to either Italica, near Seville in Spain, or Rome. His father died in 85, at which time Hadrian became the ward of a relative who happened to be Trajan, a future emperor. Following his education in Rome, Hadrian held various civil and military posts. Trajan became emperor in 98, at which time he appointed Hadrian Archon of Athens. In Athens he immersed himself in Greek culture, for which he developed a deep and abiding attachment. Upon Trajan's death in 117 the army declared Hadrian emperor, which was followed by senate ratification. Soon after ascending as emperor, Hadrian declared an end to expansion of the empire, and withdrew to the limits established by Augustus. A lover of all things cultural, Hadrian surrounded himself with poets, philosophers and scholars. He was exceptionally skilled at writing verse and prose in both Latin and Greek. During his reign as emperor, 117 to 138, he was able to indulge his love for architecture and travel. Examples of these two passions still exist to amaze us, from Great Britian to Rome. Hadrian's wall, the Athenaeum, the Temple of Venus and Roma, the Pantheon, and his massive mausoleum, called Castel Sant' Angelo.

  • The jewelry made in the US.
  • The piece comes with Certificate of Authenticity of the Coin.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed.

Jewelry Maintenance:

  1. Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea.
  2. To clean use a silver cloth on the silver and rising parts of the coin. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!
  3. Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.