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14K Gold and Sterling Silver Ring, Antoninus Pius, Ancient Denarius Coin, ID13117


Sizing Range: 7-14

This 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Ring is set with Ancient Roman Denarius from the times of Antonius Pius.

Denomination: Denarius Date: 138-161CE

Description: Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus was born at Lanuviun in BCE 86. He adopted a senatorial career and was consul in 120 CE, later distinguishing himself as proconsul in asia. He was adopted by Hadrian as his heir on February 25, 138 CE. During the emperor's last months, Antoninus was virtually ruler, and his succession on July 10th was smooth.

History: The history of his reign is almost a blank in the records, owing to the tranquility and prosperity which the Roman world enjoyed under his patient, judicious and impartial rule. He died at Lorium on March 7th, AD 161, and was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius who had been selected by Hadrian as the eventual heir to the throne. It is worthy to mention that the series of commemorative coins struck after his death was the largest since that of Augustus.