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Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Half Reale, Ancient Spanish Coin, ID13386


Denomination:   1/2 real                                                            Date:  16 -17th Century


Region: New World 



During the 16th, 17th centuries, Spain became the premier supplier of gold and silver coins for the world.  This was accomplished through the discovery of untold riches that were effectively minded in the America. Although Spain's mighty armada strove diligently to deliver the wealth to the king, both pirates and bad weather became such obstacles that many galleons were lost at sea.


These historic coins are known to Collectors as “cobs” and the abbreviation of the Spanish term for “Cabo De Berra” meaning cut from the end of the bar. Minted in five denominations in silver, the largest was the eight reales, famous in the colonies and among pirates as a "piece of eight." The other denominations were four reales, two reales, one reale and half reale.


Although the full details is rarely clear because of the ragged shape, the front features a cross, that ranges from a plain cross to one with bars on the end, known as a “Jerusalem Cross.” The reverse depicts the crest of either the Hapsburgs or the Bourbons, powerful European families who ruled in Spain.