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Trajan Roman Pendant, 14K Gold, Genuine Ancient Coin, with Certificate 6448


Chain is Gold-filled

This 14K gold pendant is set with a genuine ancient roman coin from the times of Trajan. (See more history below).

Advantages: This piece is completely unisex and could appeal to anyone from a student to a history buff, to people that love antiques, to anyone who appreciates beauty and historic events. This ring makes for a great conversation piece as well as meaningful gift.

Description:Trajan Denarius. 112-114 AD. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP COS VI P P, laureate head right, draped left shoulder / SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Genius standing left, holding patera and corn ears.

History: Marcus Ulpius Traianus was a brilliant general and administrator who was adopted and proclaimed emperor by the aging Nerva in 98 A.D. Regarded as one of Rome's greatest emperors, Trajan was responsible for the annexation of Dacia, the kingdom of Nabataean, Armenia, and Mesopotamia, the invasion of Arabia. Under Trajan, Rome reached its greatest territorial extent. After becoming emperor in 98 AD he immediately began many lavish public building projects. The most famous of these projects being Trajan's Forum, Trajan's Market, and Trajan's Column. Another act during his rule as emperor was to formalization of the alimenta, a welfare program that helped orphans and poor children throughout Italy. It provided general funds, as well as food and subsidized education. The program was supported initially out of Dacian War booty, and then later by a combination of estate taxes and philanthropy. It is because of his fair and wise nature, paired with his experience as a master in the art of war and conquest that earned him the title as the second of the Five Good Emperors, and deemed "Optimus Princeps" or "the best ruler" by the Senate. Contrary to the story of many of history's rulers, Roman and other, Trajan's reputation remained overwhelmingly positive throughout nearly nineteen centuries. Primary resources such as Pliny the Younger and Cassius Dio celebrated Trajan's wise, just, and fair rule, while adding that he was a moral man. At the inauguration of later Roman Emperors, the Senate would say the phrase " Felicior Augusto, melior Traiano" or "Be more fortunate than Augustus, [and] better than Trajan." As a way of setting bar high for the new emperor to meet.

Jewelry Maintenance:
1. Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea.
2. To clean use a silver cloth on gold. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!
3. Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.

The jewelry made in the US.
The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity of the Coin.
Workmanship is guaranteed.
RETURNS: 2 weeks no questions asked. Time counts from the time you receive the item to the time you ship it back.